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Why is PPPoker so popular?


  • Best choice for Asian poker apps
  • Home-game like poker experience
  • Lots of action across NL/PLO 50$ – 2K$
  • Anti-collusion team to ensure fairness

Poker room details

  • Network: Independent
  • License: Unlicensed
  • Founded in: 1993
  • www.pppoker.net
  • [email protected]

PPPoker List of Clubs

You never want to miss on good poker action. One way to avoid that is to have all the PPPoker private clubs possible at your disposal. Send us your info through our contact form and our manager will contact you personally to get the best poker deals on PPPoker. That way we can get you the best personalized deals possible.


Chip Value USD: 0.018 (1 chip = 0.9 PHP)
Games: NLHE, 6+, PLO, PLO 5, OFC
Stakes: Micro-High
Rakeback: Up to 40%
Traffic: 250+ Active Tables
Rake: Rake 5% Ring and 3% HU with cap 3bb. No flop – no drop system. OFC rake 3% with cap 3points

BlackPink belongs to a massive South East Asian PPPoker Union with insane action across all the stakes. BlackPink has by far most action of all Asian clubs and arguably in the world. Majority of players are loose Asian recreationals, who have learned recently to spell the word ‘poker’ and are quite excited about going all the way to see which river card will be dealt! This is a must have club for every poker player.


Chip Value USD: 1 chip = 1 USD
Stakes: Micro-High
Rakeback: Up to 30%
Traffic: 30+ Active Tables
Rake: Rake 5% Ring and 3% HU with cap 3bb. No flop – no drop system. OFC rake 3% with cap 3points

ShovingNuts is basically our hottest addition in Spanish clubs: Besides daily MTTs, the club is known for soft PLO5 games even in high stakes! The club offers active tables also for low and midstakes poker enthusiasts. You’re likely to enjoy this club a lot – Bienvenido!

Cereal Killers

Chip Value USD: 1 chip = 1 USD
Stakes: Micro-High
Rakeback: Up to 40%
Traffic: 30+ Active Tables
Rake: Rake 5% Ring and 3% HU with cap 3bb. No flop – no drop system. OFC rake 3% with cap 3points

Cereal Killers is a Brazilian club with nice action. The club is a home to many poker amateurs – be prepared when you sign up, that sometimes the action can get quite wild! Various limits are available for players of all size. The chips are naturally tied to Brazilian real.

Insonia / Timba

Chip Value USD: 0.25 (1 chip = 1 BRL)
Stakes: Micro-High
Rakeback: Up to 30%
Traffic: 50+ Active Tables on average across all the stakes
Rake: Rake 5% Ring with cap 3bb, 5% HU & 3-handed cap 1.5bb. No flop – no drop system. OFC rake 3% with cap 3points

Insonia is your best choice for accessing Brazil online poker through PPPoker. Besides Brazilian players, many poker lovers from Peru are playing here every day. The best poker action in this club occurs in the nighttime and early mornings in Europe. Simply a must-have for all PPPoker users!


Chip Value USD: 0,032
Games: NLHE, 6+, PLO, PLO 5, OFC
Stakes: Micro-High
Rakeback: Up to 40%
Traffic: 50+ Active Tables
Rake: Rake 5% Ring and 3% HU with cap 3bb. No flop – no drop system. OFC rake 3% with cap 3points

Pokerscape is part of a Big Asian PPPoker Union, and proves the urban legend of all the Asians being tight wrong. The players are extremely loose across all the limits and games play much higher than respective stakes usually due to 300-500 bb buy-ins and loose players. Majority of the players have 60% VPIP in PLO games.

Fusion Poker

Chip Value USD: 0.25 (1 chip = 1 BRL)
Stakes: Micro-High
Rakeback: Up to 25%
Traffic: 100+ Active Tables
Rake: Rake 5% Ring with cap 3bb, 5% HU & 3-handed cap 1.5bb. No flop — no drop system. OFC rake 3% with cap 3points

Insonia is a Brazilian club that has many recreational players looking for action. The games can get quite wild especially in PLO5, so omaha-lovers will feel right at home here. Warmly recommended club for all players who like to play on PPPoker!


Chip Value USD: 1 chip = 1 BRL
Stakes: Micro-High
Rakeback: Up to 30%
Traffic: 500+ Active Tables
Rake: Rake 5% Ring with cap 3bb, 5% HU & 3-handed cap 1.5bb. No flop — no drop system. OFC rake 3% with cap 3points

ONE POKER BR is an action-packed club suitable for all poker players. You can find a variety of great cash games here with most of the players coming from Brazil. There are also poker tournaments with massive prize pools running every week. Join the fun at ONE POKER BR!

Xtreme Poker

Chip Value USD: 1 chip = 1 USD
Stakes: Micro-High
Rakeback: Up to 30%
Traffic: 30+ Active Tables
Rake:  Rake 5% Ring and 3% HU with cap 3bb. No flop — no drop system. OFC rake 3% with cap 3points

Extreme belongs to an internatioal PPPoker union that has many clubs from North, Central and South America. You can find good action especially at the midstakes.

Much softer action than on traditional poker sites

  • Gateway to play in an Asian player pool
  • Great action available 24/7
  • Easy multitabling features
  • Smooth mobile software
  • Tracker support requires a hand converter
  • Unlicensed site

PPPoker Review

PPPoker is a prominent online social gaming platform that exclusively focuses on play money games and does not offer any real money services. It’s important to note that any monetary value mentioned in this article is solely determined by the respective club hosts.

For those unfamiliar with PPPoker, it has emerged as a significant disruptor in the poker world, akin to the ‘Resistance’ against the ‘First Order’ or how cryptocurrency challenges the traditional banking system. Developed by AceKing Tech Limited, PPPoker prides itself on being created ‘For Poker Lovers by Poker Lovers,’ a sentiment that becomes apparent as you explore its unique features.

Unlike traditional online poker rooms, PPPoker introduces exclusive functionalities and has rapidly gained popularity since its successful launch in 2015. The platform enables organizers to create private poker clubs and enjoy online games with their friends. It’s worth noting that cash games played within these private clubs via the PPPoker app involve real money wagers.

PPPoker initially targeted the Asian poker community and faced competition from other similar apps like Poker Bros seeking to expand into the flourishing Asian market. Among these competitors, PPPoker and PokerMaster emerged as dominant players. Over time, PPPoker’s play money platform has attracted a vast user base across Asia, Europe, South America, and North America. Notably, a significant portion of its users originate from China, providing opportunities to play against relatively inexperienced online poker players.

Given the unique operating model of PPPoker, we’ve organized all pertinent information in a Q & A format to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of this influential player in the poker industry. Delving into this poker behemoth will reveal a wealth of exciting possibilities for poker enthusiasts worldwide.

How does PPPoker operate?

PPPoker is an innovative decentralized poker app, distinguishing itself from traditional real money gaming operators. Unlike centralized platforms, PPPoker operates without a specific operator organizing games or guaranteeing payments. While on the surface, the chips hold no monetary value and are considered “play money,” there’s more to the story.

PPPoker introduces a brilliant concept where club owners can form unions, creating a shared player pool. This means you can compete against players from various private clubs, even if you have access to only one club. It’s worth noting that multi-tabling enthusiasts may want to open multiple accounts, as the app restricts playing to one table per account.

As a player on PPPoker, you have the exciting opportunity to create your own club, allowing players to engage in thrilling poker battles. You can obtain virtual chips from PPPoker at a nominal cost and distribute them to players based on the set chip value. Club owners charge a small rake for providing “host” services on the poker site, and accounts are typically settled weekly, with payment arrangements agreed upon with the players.

When starting your poker journey on PPPoker, finding a reliable agent is key to gaining access to clubs with the softest action. While many PPPoker agents advertise their services on social media platforms like Facebook, it is wise to engage with a reputable company to ensure a safe and trustworthy experience. Our company acts as a PPPoker agent for numerous top-tier poker clubs, providing valuable information at the bottom section of this review.

Embrace the dynamic world of PPPoker, where decentralized gameplay, club unions, and skilled agents unite to offer an unparalleled poker adventure for players seeking top-notch action and a secure gaming environment.


Why is PPPoker so popular?

How does a PPPoker club look?

The PPPoker app boasts a crisp and clean interface, offering a user-friendly experience. Upon launching the app, you’re greeted with a well-organized list of all the PPPoker clubs you’re affiliated with. The club name, union status, and the number of tables in each club are displayed clearly.

Upon selecting a club, you gain access to a comprehensive list of tables, complete with game types, number of players, and stakes. Navigating the lobby is a breeze, allowing you to seamlessly explore different sections of the app with just a few clicks. This streamlined approach ensures a smooth and enjoyable playing experience on mobile devices. In summary, PPPoker delivers a visually pleasing and effortlessly accessible platform that enhances your poker enjoyment.

PPPoker UI

In our view, PPPoker competes strongly with the best online poker websites globally when it comes to its interface and overall aesthetic. The developers continuously update the app and actively consider player feedback, ensuring a dynamic and responsive platform.

As the trend of playing poker on mobile devices gains popularity, PPPoker has made specific optimizations for iOS and Android users. Players praise the app for its simplicity and reliability, with many describing it as straightforward and user-friendly. For an optimal experience, newer versions of iPhones, iPads, and Samsung Galaxy devices are recommended, though modern Android smartphones perform exceptionally well too. Moreover, PPPoker offers the flexibility to install the software on a PC, catering to various preferences.

PPPoker’s portrait view is exceptionally well-designed, allowing players to enjoy games comfortably without needing to tilt their phones. All actions on the app are intuitively accessible, making it incredibly easy for newcomers to familiarize themselves with the interface in a matter of minutes. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned poker pro or a novice, navigating the app will feel like a piece of cake.

While the app may not offer extensive customization options for table appearance or deck changes, the current, default look is visually pleasing and appealing.

PPPoker boasts a range of features that enhance the playing experience. Players have access to detailed records of their weekly poker sessions, hand history for the last 100 hands, and a forum for sharing and discussing hands. Additionally, the app allows users to track their career progression in terms of wins and losses. The convenient application of filters ensures swift navigation to your favorite games, providing a lightning-fast gaming experience.

In summary, PPPoker’s interface, along with its user-friendly features and regular updates, establishes it as a strong contender in the online poker arena. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, the app’s accessibility and functionality make it an enjoyable and immersive platform for all poker enthusiasts.

Can you use tracking software such as HEM?

PPPoker software does not provide official support for third-party tracking tools or HUDs. However, players can still access basic statistics of each player by clicking on their profiles. While many clubs may not boast elite-level play, this presents an advantage as there is ample opportunity to find value in these games, even for players accustomed to relying on tracking software for decision-making.

In addition to viewing others’ stats, you can also access your own statistics in your profile. To unlock the stats of other players for viewing, you will need to acquire a ‘Black Card’ from the in-app shop.

Games and Stakes

PPPoker clubs operate with varying chip values, depending on their location and currency. For instance, European clubs typically use 1 chip equivalent to 1 EUR, while Thai clubs may have 1 chip equal to 10 THB. Indian clubs, on the other hand, might offer chip values like INR 5, INR 10, or INR 50, among others. When you register with a club, your upline agent or club owner will provide clear information about their specific chip values.

PPPoker currently supports four poker variants: No Limit Texas Hold’em (NLHE), Pot Limit Omaha (PLO), Pot Limit Omaha 5 (PLO5), and Open Face Chinese (OFC). You have the opportunity to engage in Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs) and Sit & Go (SNG) games, both through clubs and directly on the PPPoker platform. The table size for SNG or cash games varies from 2 to 9 players, depending on the format and level of action. It’s important to note that each table has a maximum open time of 12 hours. If the game extends beyond this duration, the table will automatically close, and a new one with similar limits will be available.

One of the unique features of PPPoker is its decentralized concept. Unlike traditional poker websites, where all players are on the same platform, PPPoker allows you to play simultaneously on multiple clubs. This flexibility empowers you to switch between clubs, ensuring an abundance of action at all times.

Additionally, PPPoker clubs often come together to form unions. Playing through one club means you might be competing against members from various clubs within the union. This dynamic enhances the variety of opponents and gameplay experiences, contributing to the vibrant poker community on the platform.

Rake and rakeback

PPPoker clubs adhere to a maximum rake policy, allowing club owners to charge up to 5% of the pot, capped at 3 big blinds (BBs). However, when it comes to rakeback, each club has its own policies, and it’s at the discretion of the club owner to decide on the offered amount.

Since PPPoker club owners do not have the same overheads as traditional poker websites, they have the flexibility to offer generous rakeback schemes. It wouldn’t be uncommon to encounter club owners providing rakeback rates as high as 50 – 80%. This straightforward and transparent flat rakeback system eliminates complex rules and structures, making the process much simpler for players to benefit from attractive rakeback deals.

Promotions and campaigns

PPPoker welcomes new players with enticing offers. Instead of traditional cash bonuses, new players joining PPPoker can enjoy rakeback from their clubs, adding value to their gameplay. Even without playing with real cash through an agent, players can engage in ring games or tournaments using gold coins.

Additionally, PPPoker hosts exciting tournaments where players have the chance to win attractive prizes and bonuses such as iPads, iPhones, gold coins, diamonds, VIP cards, and even real cash. Moreover, players can secure seats to live tournaments that PPPoker organizes regularly in various countries. For those passionate about live poker experiences, participating in a PPPoker festival offers the perfect opportunity to connect with fellow players from around the world. The recent PPPoker London festival, held in January 2020, featured numerous cash game tables running at peak hours in Aspers Casino, providing an unforgettable poker experience.

Deposits and withdrawals

Depositing and withdrawing funds on PPPoker may raise concerns for some players, but the reality is quite different. In fact, the trend suggests otherwise. When you connect with an agent, you have the freedom to choose your preferred deposit method. Common options include cash, bitcoin, Skrill, Neteller, and bank transfer. For players in PPPoker India and other Asian regions, we have an extensive network of local contacts to help you find the most suitable payment methods.

While there have been isolated incidents of agents or club owners mishandling funds, such occurrences are rare. A few PPPoker USA clubs faced issues due to irresponsible management. However, the key to a worry-free experience lies in the level of trust you have with your agent and the reputation of the club owners. Thankfully, you don’t need to stress about such matters because we’ve got you covered.

As professionals with access to diverse markets and reliable clubs, we can provide you with the best deals and connect you with the most trusted clubs. Feel free to chat with us and let us ensure a secure and enjoyable poker journey for you.

How to play on the PC version of the PPPoker app?

Good news! PPPoker now offers a PC version for Windows users. However, please note that the PC version will be in portrait view, not full screen, and unfortunately, there isn’t a Mac version available at the moment.

To get started, simply open your browser and visit www.pppoker.net. From there, select the ‘Download it for Windows’ option. After installation, click on ‘Register/Login’ and don’t forget to choose the best resolution for your PC from the drop-down menu on the top left.

With these simple steps, you’re all set to enjoy PPPoker on your PC. Happy gaming!

Pro’s comments

PPPoker isn’t just the future; it’s the thriving present. In the era of app-poker, us grinders have discovered exciting new realms to conquer. Here, the competition is softer, and the fish eagerly bite on the most straightforward tactics. Joining multiple clubs ensures an endless stream of thrilling action. Sure, the appearance and banking process could be improved, but when you’re basking in your winnings by the pool, those concerns melt away. It’s simply that effortless here. Happy hunting, everyone!

– Beasts Of Poker Pro-Team

PPPoker Player Journey (2020)

PPPoker real money games: Honest review after 30 days of playing

PPPoker has emerged as one of the most popular gaming platforms for online poker lately, and we believe it’s crucial to provide an honest review of the real money games it offers. After an intense 30-day battle, our hero has delved into the world of PLO5 and NLHE games, gaining invaluable experience that we’re excited to share with our readers. If you’re curious about what it’s truly like to play poker on PPPoker, read on until the end!

The first few days

I began my journey on PPPoker by applying to two specific clubs, BlackPink and Flying Fish. Installing the app was a breeze, and I had it running on both my iPhone and desktop PC. After making a deposit through either bitcoin transfer or Skrill P2P transfer, I jumped into a Texas Holdem table on my iPhone and started playing.

The Texas Holdem games I tried initially were relatively passive, with loose and tight players, but no overly aggressive opponents. This passive playing style worked in my favor, as passive players tend to win fewer pots. Texas Holdem games proved profitable for me from the start on both BlackPink and Flying Fish.

On the second day, I ventured into Pot-Limit Omaha 5-card games, and it was a whole new ballgame compared to Texas Holdem. The pots were larger, games played looser, and some opponents were very aggressive. I faced a significant variance in PLO5, and while I initially lost my first deposit in a wild PLO5 game, I managed to recover my losses after making a second deposit. If you enjoy action and big wins when the cards go your way, PLO5 might be the game for you.

Would I recommend PPPoker to everyone? For most players, I’d say give it a try. However, if you’re a mass-multitabler, this platform might not suit your needs as you can comfortably play only three tables through the app. For additional features and poker statistics, you can purchase a VIP card within the mobile app. The poker experience on PPPoker is unique and might differ from ordinary poker sites, but that’s precisely what makes it appealing to many players. Everyone has their own opinions on these distinctive features, and you can read my personal take on each of them below:

Feature 1: Calltime function (15 minutes)

To ensure fair play and prevent hit-and-run tactics, PPPoker has introduced the Calltime function. When a player wishes to leave a table after winning chips, they can activate Calltime by clicking on the top left menu icon. Once activated, a 15-minute countdown timer starts, and the player must remain at the table for at least that duration before quitting.

The Calltime function effectively addresses the issue of hit-n-runners, who used to enter a game and immediately leave after a win. This feature ensures players stay engaged in the game for a reasonable time after their victory. I personally find this function beneficial, as it discourages players from exploiting the tables and encourages more enjoyable gameplay.

Our recommendation is to activate Calltime immediately after a significant win on a table. Once activated, you can continue playing as long as you like, but you have the option to leave the table anytime during the 15-minute countdown if you feel the game is no longer favorable. This way, you can manage your gameplay and make the most of your poker sessions.

Feature 2: Straddle

A straddle is an optional or voluntary blind bet made by a player after the small and big blinds but before any cards are dealt. It is usually double the big blind. The player who straddles gets the opportunity to act preflop once the action comes back to them. Straddling is a popular move among players who are eager to defend the money they put in.

Straddling is a valuable feature in both NLHE and PLO games on PPPoker. While I personally prefer straddling in live poker, the option is unique and available in PPPoker clubs for online play.

Our recommendation is to consider straddling when the game conditions are favorable and you have an edge over your opponents. It can encourage loose play and add an exciting dimension to your poker strategy.

Feature 3: Rabbit Hunting

Rabbit hunting is an optional practice where players pay a small amount to see the cards that would have landed on future streets, even after they have folded their hand. Although it’s not commonly used by winning players, it can add a fun element for recreational players. If a player had a promising draw but chose to fold, rabbit hunting allows them to satisfy their curiosity about the outcome.

In my opinion, the overall effect of rabbit hunting on the game is slightly positive, as it offers players the opportunity to find out if their hand would have turned into a winner.

Our recommendation: Use it only for entertainment!

Feature 4: App optimized for smartphones

Throughout the years, my online poker experience primarily involved sitting in front of a desktop PC, multitabling with anywhere from 1 to 24 tables open simultaneously. However, when I started playing on PPPoker, I noticed a refreshing change. The focus shifted from grinding to enjoying an adventurous poker experience!

The app’s user interface is beautifully designed, aligning with the goal of providing players with a great poker environment. One delightful feature is the option to chat with other players at the table, creating a more interactive and sociable atmosphere. Additionally, the availability of animated emojis adds a fun touch to the overall experience. Playing on PPPoker feels like a delightful departure from the traditional grind, making it a unique and enjoyable platform.

Our recommendation: Install the app on both your PC and a smartphone or mobile device to test which one suits you best!

Closing words

In conclusion, I have no regrets about my decision to start playing on PPPoker! Despite a few late nights due to the captivating games that kept me hooked, the overall experience has been incredibly enjoyable and profitable. Hence, I feel compelled to give it a high rating.

What sets PPPoker apart from others is its appeal to players of all skill levels. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned card player, PPPoker offers a fantastic platform for casual fun or serious profit-seeking. It’s a poker environment where substantial bankrolls can be built, making it ideal for both recreational and professional players. If you’re looking for top-notch clubs, I highly recommend checking out BlackPink and Fusion Poker – they are currently among the best choices.


Is PPPoker rigged or legit?
In 2018, PPPoker was issued a 3rd party Certificate of Integrity from GLI. When you sign-up through us your deposited funds are also 100% guaranteed. In their 2020 System Reliability Report, PPPoker presented their own back-office random number generator (RNG) tests to ensure their dealing sequence is indeed random and meets the highest standards, and they have an anti-collusion team monitoring the games at all times.

Where to download the PPPoker app?
Visit their official website at PPPoker.net and click a download link from either Google Play or App Store.

How to install the PPPoker app?
Installing the app is easy – after downloading it from PPPoker’s website, just install it like any other app on your phone.

Is PPPoker available to players from the US, UK, Canada and Australia?
Poker lovers from all over the world are welcome to join PPPoker clubs.

What are the best PPPoker clubs for Indian poker players?
While you can find Indian PPPoker clubs online, any Indian poker player can also join clubs that are from other countries, such as Singapore and Malaysia. We recommend these bigger Asian PPPoker clubs for Indian players because they have much more tables running and larger player fields also in poker tournaments.

How do I make my first deposit and withdrawal on PPPoker?
All deposits and withdrawals on PPPoker are handled through agents. Get in touch with us on Skype or mail us at [email protected]

Is my deposit safe at PPPoker?
Yes, by joining and making a deposit at PPPoker through Beasts Of Poker your deposit is guaranteed 100% by our company should any problem occur with the club. We only deal with reputable clubs, and want to give our players a piece of mind by guaranteeing their deposits.

What is the minimum deposit on PPPoker clubs?
Generally $200 is the minimum deposit for all the clubs you can access through Beasts Of Poker. Get in touch with us on Skype or by mail us at [email protected] and we will clarify the terms & conditions for starting to play.

Can you play on PPPoker with a PC?
Yes – although there is no software for Windows as of now, you can download the PPPoker app from Google Play and run it through an Android emulator.

Can you play on PPPoker with a Mac?
Unfortunately not yet, at least if you’re using the Mac OS client. Instead, you can run the app through WIndows via Bootcamp and then install an Android emulator and the PPPoker APK file. Then you’re all set to play poker!

Can I use an emulator to play on PPPoker?
Yes – PPPoker works smoothly with most Android emulators that you can run on a desktop PC or a laptop.

How to get the PPPoker APK file for Android?
Just quickly visit the website at PPPoker.net and download from the Google Play link.

Can I play on PPPoker for free?
There are freerolls from time to time on PPPoker, but we recommend starting out with real money poker games – the level of play is much softer than on traditional online poker sites, making it easier to make a profit from playing.

What are the highest stakes played on PPPoker?
There are limits as high as NL2000 and PLO2000 There are multiple tables of NL1k and PLO1k are running at the peak times – if you are a player who prefers to play high stakes, just get in touch with us on the chat to get started access to these games!

What is a PPPoker agent?
PPPoker uses agents who act as contacts between real money clubs and players. You can make deposits and withdrawals on PPPoker through an agent, and ask them for recommendations on which club you should play on.

Does PPPoker allow HUDs?
3rd party HUDs are not officially supported by PPPoker, but you can view the basic stats for each player at the table.

What makes PPPoker unique?
If we had to put it briefly, it’s these 7 words: Beginner-friendly, great action, easy-to-use.

What bonuses does PPPoker offer?
Besides earning rakeback from all hands you play, you can win a bad beat jackpot at any table that has BBJ active.

How many players play on PPPoker?
While it’s hard to estimate the exact number of players on PPPoker, there are hundreds of different clubs and thousands of users who play on PPPoker regularly. In our PPPoker clubs with the most activity, you can find +200 tables running at peak times.

Is PPPoker good for recreational players?
Definitely yes – PPPoker is a very popular mobile poker app, especially in Asia and South America. The games are full of action and loose play. PPPoker was created for poker lovers to socialize and have a great time playing their favorite card game – just join some of the clubs through us to see it for yourself!

How to create your own PPPoker club?
You can create your own PPPoker club to play with friends in 4 quick steps:
Step 1: Login to PPPoker and click the green icon with an upper body and a + sign.
Step 2: Click ‘Rename’ to enter your desired name for the club.
Step 3: Choose a picture for your club, check the club name is right and enter chip value & contact details into the ‘Club Notice’ field. Then click ‘Save’.
Step 4: Your club is ready for playing now – share your club ID with your friends to invite them!

How can I contact PPPoker support?
For questions not covered in our PPPoker FAQ, you can contact PPPoker customer service & support team directly by email at [email protected]

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